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2016 Semi-Dry Riesling

A great summertime white wine with rich, lush flavors and aromas , the perfect wine before dinner, with spicy dishes or BBQ. $14.99

2016 Semi-Dry Gewurztraminer

Floral and spice aromas and stone fruit and vanilla flavors match well with spicy foods and Asian cuisine. $16.99

2017 Ethereal

A delicate, sparkling wine with vibrant fruit flavors and aromas that will liven up your picnic or dinner party. $15.99

2017  Semi-Sweet Riesling

A semi-sweet wine, (sweetened with juice reserve) with honeysuckle and pear aromas with flavors of sugarplum and caramel. $14.99

2015  Moscato

A sweet and luscious wine with honey and orange peel aromas and bursting orange flavors on the palete. $14.49



Red Lotus

With flavors and aromas of berry, citrus and spice, you might think you’re drinking Sangria.  This semi-sweet blend of Noiret and Corot Noir is perfect with Asian and spicy dishes. $9.99  

Cabana Frank

Frank is back!  Kick back, relax and jettison the attitude.  Frank is one sweet red.  BE FRANK! $9.99

Tiger Lily

The perfect start for the evening dinner party.  Grapefruit and floral aromas match well with cheese and hors d’oeuvres. $9.99

2015  Late Harvest Vignoles

This luscious wine, with tropical fruit aromas and flavors of peach and pineapple is the perfect end of a meal. $15.99

Bird of Paradise

(Chardonnay Port)-The name says it all! Lush tropical fruit flavors, tropical aromas and a warm finish make the coldest nights seem like the Caribbean.  $16.99

2014 Cabernet Port

Start the fire! Warm up the winter nights with aromas of cocoa and raspberries and a warm mouthful of cherries and anise. Have it with dessert or by itself. $16.99






2016 Reserve Chardonnay

This classic wine is barrel fermented and aged sur lie. Aromas of pears, fig & apples.2016 Reserve Chardonnay- This classic wine is barrel fermented and aged sur lie. Aromas of pears, fig & apples. $14.99

2017  Chardonnay

A lively wine with flavors of fresh citrus fruits.  Excellent as an aperitif and a companion to chicken, fish, and light sauces. $12.99

2017  Dry Gewurztraminer

 mouthful in name and character.  Full bodied, rich and flavorful.  Serve Asian or pork dishes.  $16.99

2017 Dry Riesling

A crisp wine with aromas of lime, orange peel and mineral, and flavors of tropical fruit and apple. Serve w/ salmon, pork. $14.99

2015 Goldfinch Dry Riesling

Our Goldfinch Riesling, is a dry, rich and vibrant wine and perfect with pork or salmon dishes. $16.99 


2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

Aromas of blackberry and raspberries woven together with velvety tannins and nice black cherry flavors. $17.99

2016 Cabernet Franc

Aromas of berry and plum and a warm, lingering finish.  A great addition to hearty dishes. $17.99

2013  Merlot

This full bodied, dry red wine is THE match for hearty winter dishes, like stews and roast beast. Perfect for the holidays! $17.99

2015  Marechal Foch

Berry aromas accompany raspberry flavors in the mouth and a nice dry finish.   Serve it with hearty dishes and flavorful cheeses. $14.99

Proprietor's Red

Our Proprietor's Red is a medium dry spicy wine with berries aromas and flavors. A good wine with cheese or spicy dishes. $12.99

2017 Cabernet Franc Rose`

​​​​​​​NEW RELEASE! Our first Dry Rose` made from Cabernet Franc, with berry aromas and flavors and a nice silky mouthfeel.  Enjoy it with Asian dishes or your holiday turkey. $17.99